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About Our Practice

At Colorado Counseling Group we provide individual and couples counseling, as well as psychological testing services. We are dedicated to helping people live their best lives possible. 

Do you want to feel better, have more confidence and stop worrying so much? Therapy can help!  

Dr. Catherine Cirulli, Psy.D.

Dr. Catherine Cirulli, Psychologist & Clinic Director

Dr. Cirulli is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of Colorado Counseling Group, LLC. 

Dr. Cirulli specializes in helping adults through issues related to sadness/depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, relationship problems and life transitions. Call today for a free phone consultation to see  how therapy can help you.

Dr.  Cirulli is also the founder of PsychSavvy, a web-based platform for personal development. There she has designed and produced several courses for self-improvement, relationships, and career. Check it out www.psychsavvy.com

Dr. Jen Kress, Psy.D.

Dr. Jen Kress, Psychotherapist

Dr. Kress  is passionate about working with adults with childhood trauma histories; relational issues; and women's issues related to dating, marriage, family and parenting. She offers a free phone consultation (up to 20 minutes).

Dr. Kress also works with children, providing both therapy and cognitive testing. 


Individual Counseling for Adults

 If you have been feeling anxious,  sad, confused, frustrated, worried, or hopeless, call today and we can  discuss your needs and how therapy may be able to help you feel  better. 

Couples Counseling

Improve your relationship by  creating a stronger connection, improving communication, reducing  tension, and resolving recurring issues. If you and your spouse or  significant other are experiencing problems, consider couples therapy to  help improve your relationship and your overall happiness. 

Psychological Testing

(Children 3+ and Adults):

Psychological testing can determine core components of a person's  psychological/mental health functioning, personality traits,  intellectual functioning and personal
strengths and weakness. We provide a variety of Psychological Testing
options. Please call to discuss your testing needs.

Click here for information about testing for Gifted & Talented children.

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